Kyoto was prohibited to take photos of geisha

В Киото запретили фотографировать гейш

The Council of Kyoto residents, concerned about the bad manners of tourists visiting the historical quarter of gion, where many geisha, forbidden to make photos there, writes the correspondent of Le Monde, Philippe Mesmer.

“This measure came into force on 25 October and was accompanied by the distribution of tourist leaflets and stickers, painted by students from women’s University Kyoto University Device, with instructions in English and Chinese about how to behave. Instructions were posted in different places. The ban was accompanied by the imposition of a fine in the amount of 10 thousand yen (83 euros), although today no one knows who should force him to pay, the police or members of the Association”, – is spoken in article.

“This measure is due to a real fatigue from the excessive attendance of the former Imperial capital. In the period from 2012 to 2017 the number of foreign tourists increased five-fold, reaching 7.4 million people. The behavior of many of them is not happy by a very polite local population, – said the journalist. In the Region tourists are eager to see and photograph artists Geiko and Maiko girls, sometimes they cause them any trouble when they go to work.”

“The Central government supports this new initiative. In response to the concern of the people who fear the “disappearance of the atmosphere of the Gion”, the Ministry of transport and tourism conducts September-8 December testing service aimed at sending a message to the tourists coming to this quarter for a distance of 1 kilometer. When opening links sent tourists have access to a web site with warnings in English and Chinese languages, as, for example: “do Not photograph a Geiko or Maiko without their permission” or “don’t touch the lights.” The website reminds that in case of violation of stipulated penalties. On the ground deployed by the police, ready to call violators to order”, – reported in the publication.

“The implementation of the ban on photography coincided with the meeting of 25 and 26 October in the city of Hokkaido (in Northern Japan), the tourism Ministers of the G20 countries. The priority of the negotiations was the issue of the excessive influx of tourists. In the summit’s final Declaration, participants pledged to act in a way to encourage travelers “to visit various directions, in order to revive the local economy and improve the sustainability of various tourist facilities,” saying that it “will contribute to job creation and entrepreneurship in rural areas”. In other words, tourists should start to think more broadly, unconventionally”, concludes Le Monde.