“L/DNR” closes the border with Ukraine, with the midnight Monday

"Л/ДНР" закрывает границу с Украиной с полуночи понедельника

Leaders terrorist “L/DNR” declared that will block the “border” with the free territory of Ukraine because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus, reports the observer.

As reported on the website of the leader of “DNR” Denis Pushilin of the Donetsk region with the message of a peaceful area is suspended from 00:00 March 21.

“In order to prevent the coronavirus infection on the territory of the “Republic” the decision on the full termination of movement of citizens through the border and customs control “DNR” on the “border” with Ukraine from 00:00 hours on 21 March 2020,” the statement says Pushilin.

Meanwhile, in the terrorist “LPR” its leader Leonid beekeeper on March 21 issued a “decree” according to which the message is free from the invaders of Ukraine shall be terminated from 00:00 on March 23.

“In connection with the unfavorable epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the threat of the proliferation of the “LC” of the new coronavirus infection to prevent from 00:00 on 23 March, the entry into the territory of “LNR” citizens from the territory of Ukraine”, – is told in pseudodocument terrorist.