Lack of exercise leads to an increase in cardiac deaths among women

Отсутствие физических нагрузок ведет к росту сердечных смертей среди женщин

Women risking the health of the heart, refusing regular physical activity, experts say. Their lack of experts explain the increase in cardiac deaths among women.

American experts say the increasing number of deaths associated with pathologies of the cardiovascular system in women. Thus, the American heart Association (AHA) reported that in the USA the annual mortality rate among women from the consequences of cardiovascular disease approached the level of 400 thousand. This number, scientists say, is equivalent to the number of deaths from cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes combined.

Thus, based on analysis of data from numerous studies, experts say: the main factor of growth of heart diseases among women and mortality is the rejection of regular exercise.

“Most women are risking the health of the heart, refusing to exercise. Thanks to them you can prevent most cases of cardiovascular disease – one of the main causes of death for women worldwide”, – cites the opinion of specialists on this subject in Medical News Today.

Scientists say that many women carefully monitor your diet, but just stick to let a healthy and balanced diet is sufficient to maintain heart health. No less important than the correct diet, physical

activity. According to the researchers, the sport must be given a minimum of 150 minutes a week.