Lack of sleep disrupts the structure of DNA – scientists

Отсутствие сна ночью нарушает структуру ДНК - ученые

Scientists have repeatedly argued – the change of night and lack of sleep is bad for human health leads to development of obesity. And the women working at night increases the risk of developing breast cancer.

A group of scientists from Hong Kong have found that the lack of sleep at night impairs human DNA, and does so very quickly, says Wiley.

The authors of the study made the following conclusions based on the experiments they had a chance to put on themselves. So, for example, doctors who always worked the night shift, after the completion of blood tests.

The results of 49 samples showed that those people who worked during the day, the level of DNA damage was much higher than those who worked during the day.

The study authors emphasize that changes in DNA even after one night without sleep.

While the results are preliminary, but doctors already obvious that the night schedule and lack of sleep can result in chronic diseases. This is the first study where they evaluated quantitative DNA damage in healthy young people with a night schedule.