Lack of vitamins in children: how to identify and how to treat

Нехватка витаминов у детей: как выявить и чем лечить

Very often the cause of ill health in children getting a lack of vitamins. Doctors divide the condition arising from the deficiency of these substances into 3 groups:

1. Beriberi. It is reduction of the amount of vitamins in the body to a critical level. Under such conditions there is a serious painful symptoms.

2. The hypovitaminosis. Occur when the amount of vitamins in the body dramatically reduced, but did not cause illness. Appear hypovitaminosis fatigue, reduced efficiency, etc.

3. Subnormal security. In this condition the body cells do not get sufficient amounts of vitamins from food as a result of metabolic disorders. The body somehow does not assimilate the useful components of food.

Real vitamin deficiency in our days is rare. Mainly his cases are linked to malabsorption of vitamins from the gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin deficiencies can be seen in young patients more often. It is caused primarily by serious abnormalities in the digestive system. The children didn’t receive proper nutrition, highly long-lasting hurt. These factors can also cause vitamin deficiency.

With regard to the subnormal of vitamin supply, it is in our time, unfortunately, incredibly common, even among healthy children. Its causes are:

* improper feeding of babies up to a year

* gross violation of rules of nutrition for pregnant and lactating women

* almost complete replacement in the diet of natural foods for processed, refined, etc.

* lack of vitamin supply after the winter season.

Subnormal supply of vitamins can cause serious disease, but it significantly affects the tone of the child, its ability to resist the negative factors and loadings. Particularly noticeable manifestation is:

* headaches, moodiness, irritability

* bleeding gums

* severe dryness of the skin.

How to compensate for the amount of vitamins in the body children?

The main source of all necessary for the child’s health substances is the food. It should be not only rich in vitamins and other important compounds, but also diverse. Only when a large set of products in the menu of Chad his body can absorb them completely.

What products are needed?

Many people believe that the replenishment of vitamins are needed only fresh fruits and vegetables. However, this is incorrect. Plant food, indeed, is irreplaceable, it has a number of necessary compounds. However, apart from them the body of the child is needed, and many other types of substances. We can only get them from foods such as meat, dairy products. We can not exclude the consumption of vegetable and animal fats – they contain essential vitamins A,D, E, which in the right quantities for any other products.

Can I take vitamins in pill form?

For children, which for some reason it is impossible to bring to a pharmacy medicines vitamins can be a life-saving means of healing. Now you can find products of domestic and foreign production. They are effective, completely safe for children. In addition, they often taste good, though cooked without sugar. The material is prepared for

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