Lack of water in the body: 10 signs

Нехватка воды в организме: 10 признаков

In normal working the body water balance is regulated in a simple way – a sense of thirst. But then why so many experts remind about the necessity of drinking water? Maybe it would be enough to listen to your body’s responses? The whole difficulty lies in the fact that many people simply forget to drink plain water. We drink tea, coffee, juice, soda, anything but plain water. This leads to disruption of metabolic processes in the body, not toxins and then dehydration.

But the constant lack of water in the body is not immediately noticeable. The body can get used to about water, but if there are prerequisites to a large fluid loss(heat, for example), possible fainting, confusion and other serious condition.

To understand, whether enough your body of water, check ten characteristics.

1. Dry mouth

This is the first and most obvious sign that the body needs water that he was dehydrated. But to replenish the supply of water not tea or juice, just water!

2. Dry skin

Human skin displays everything that happens inside it. If you experience excessive dryness of the skin, your body is clearly not enough water.

3. Thirst

If you are thirsty, can’t get enough, your body dehydrated. This active signal in the brain that is urgently needed to restore water balance. Especially strong the body is dehydrates the alcohol, because the hangover always thirsty.

4. Dry eyes

Dry, tingling, redness of the eyes indicates that I need a drink of water. When the body water is scarce, dry the lacrimal canaliculi, which may harm the eyes. This is especially important for people who wear contact lenses.

5. Reduction of volume and change of color of urine

This symptom is also an important signal to the body that water is not enough.

6. Increased heart rate and palpitations

Reduction of water in the circulatory system leads to the fact that the blood becomes viscous, its volume decreases, it slowly circulates. This increases the load on the heart, blood circulation is disturbed, the organs is not enough oxygen.

7. Joint pain

This feeling is familiar to many people and not even particularly old. Some it happens after running or jumping. In the organism everything is connected to the last “cog”. So the joints don’t grind, nature made them to 80% water, therefore chronic water scarcity starts to cause pain.

8. Reduction in muscle mass

Muscles also half water. In this regard, it is quite natural that the decrease of water in the body leads to reduction muscle mass. Trainers and doctors agree that even during training it is necessary to periodically drink water.

9. Chronic fatigue and drowsiness

When the body is deficient, it starts to use the reserves from the inside, including the blood, and this leads to lack of oxygen supplied to the organs. The phenomenon and causes fatigue and drowsiness. By the way, even the regular 8-hour sleep will not help you to sleep if you drink enough water.

10. Digestive problems

Hydration of the mucous membrane is essential for the body as a whole. Without the required amount of water density of mucus in the stomach is reduced, then gastric acid can harm the internal organs. Hence the heartburn and indigestion.

With age, the amount of water that is able to keep our body decreases. So over the years you must consciously increase your intake of plain water. Externally, the signs of aging due to water shortage is more obvious, but the harm caused to internal organs water shortages, will be felt for a long time.