“Lackeys of the eye pales”: Poroshenko criticized because of the help cancer patients

"Холуям глаза замыливает": Порошенко раскритиковали из-за помощи онкобольным

Petro Poroshenko, the fifth President of Ukraine and leader of the “European solidarity”, donated 50 million to help cancer patients in Ukraine. A message appeared on the website of the company Roshen, owned by Petro Poroshenko.

“Our Corporation began large-scale social project in the National cancer Institute! The project will be overhauled in the Department of Hematology and resulted in the establishment of autologous bone marrow transplantation. The completion of the project scheduled for August 2020”, – stated in the message.

The Roshen said that every day, about 400 Ukrainians are diagnosed with cancer, so the company is not engaged in traditional targeted assistance, and seeks to solve the problem completely.

“We plan to complete the work in August 2020, but because of the terrible condition of the building, communications there are additional unplanned work, but we are still on schedule and I think that we as scheduled”, – said the development Director of social projects of the Confectionery Corporation Roshen Irina Ponomarenko.

On the help cancer patients reported himself Peter Poroshenko.

“50 million will be spent on Russian assistance to the National cancer Institute,” wrote the leader of “European solidarity” on his page in the social network.

However, in comments to the message Poroshenko, many expressed dissatisfaction with this initiative, the fifth President.

“Spies*anim to ultraiolet generally not difficult!”, “Not to brag, but silently doing it,” “Awake! And where was the 5?”, “Again lackeys of the eye pales”, “Gunpowder atone for their sins. Why not earlier?”,” Gunpowder was afraid that resourcest, decided to go to benefactors” – write in the comments.

"Холуям глаза замыливает": Порошенко раскритиковали из-за помощи онкобольным

"Холуям глаза замыливает": Порошенко раскритиковали из-за помощи онкобольным

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