Lada Largus will be a version for the carriage of police dogs

У Lada Largus появится версия для перевозки нарядов полиции с собаками

AvtoVAZ will release some new special modifications Lada Largus intended for the police, medical services and rescue.

AvtoVAZ received the approval of a type vehicle (cu Tr) for a few new versions of Lada Largus station wagon. Among them is a variant specially designed for the transport of police service dogs. About it reports “Lada Online”.

In addition, universal will receive a modification for the transport of dresses patrol-sentry duty, private security, and persons in custody. Plus, “Largus” will be a version for doctors, emergency workers and emergency services and the investigative Committee.

Recall that in July AVTOVAZ presented the updated model Lada Largus. Outwardly from its predecessor Lada Largus can be distinguished thanks to the emblem with a three-dimensional rook and enlarged nameplate with the brand name on the leaf rear doors. Plus, universal has acquired an upgraded radiator grille with a modified structure, as well as emblems on the steering wheel and wheel caps.

In cars all models used a new fabric upholstery and the auto off headlights when the ignition is turned off.

Lada Largus is offered with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine capacity of 87 and 106 horsepower. The engines are paired with five-speed automatic transmission.