Ladies help: how to intrigue men of different Zodiac signs

Дамам в помощь: как заинтриговать мужчин разных знаков Зодиака

Tips about the preferences of men in relationships depending on the sign of the zodiac published ПопкорнNews.

According to the portal, understanding the astrological characteristics of the partner will be a valuable hint for any woman.


Darling Aries should challenge him to motivate the exploits and self-development. He must admire her dedication and desire to create for the benefit of both. This sign appreciates in his partner’s mind and emotion.


A man need to be touched. Such expression of feelings, he is ready always. Taurus likes the affection. In the company of affectionate women he feels welcome.


Gemini love to talk. Topics in conversations with them should not end. Communication for this sign is especially valuable if the partner in this is sincere and not afraid of confessions. This man pleased when you share the secret.

One of the most emotional characters needs constant attention and care. The Cancer woman will allow him to vent feelings and emotions. Beloved of such men should always be ready to support him in this difficult time.

Self-confident man likes a woman to match. Leo needs to see her self-sufficiency and high self-esteem. However, he understands that nobody is perfect. So the chosen one must accept his flaws. With this lady he truly happy.


Man-Virgo constantly making plans and waiting for the partner to do the same. Talk about a shared future inspire him peace of mind and pleasant anticipation from the new level of relations.


Libras hate being alone. A man of this sign likes to be a woman in sight. What is she doing in this moment – not so important. The main thing – to stay with him for a long time.


Woman for Scorpio and a first-class lover, and best friend. It must be able to combine the romance and relaxing fellowship. The partner, who enjoys his company, he meets the same.


The representative of this sign likes to have a carefree time. For Sagittarius it is important that his companion had a good sense of humor, able to laugh at herself often laughed at his jokes. Thus the man should not feel falseness.


Male-Capricorn respects tradition and family values. He needed dinners, and watching movies. Important events he wishes to note only together and wants a woman to come up with new ideas for hanging out.


Freedom-loving Aquarius appreciates the respect their personal space and the violation of its borders. No less valuable for him and the independence date. Such a man escapes a clingy relationship, and not in a hurry to spend with your partner 24 hours a day. Your partner need to accept and not to judge.


Romance-Pisces love their own kind. I love candlelit dinners, walks under the starry sky and gentle acceptance. To answer the man on the manifestation of these feelings and to take the initiative means to turn life together into a long tale.