Lady Gaga will become a mother

Леди Гага станет мамой

33-year-old Lady Gaga has decided to become a mother, reported by the Western media.

To make such a massive decision helped her case on stage during a concert in Las Vegas Lady Gaga bad fall, she even had to seek help from doctors.

During the examination, she was very restless.

Insiders familiar with the star, noted that at some point Lady Gaga spoke about the problem that is bothering her.

She got everything she wanted. However, she had no one to pass on his talent and his fortune.

Until recently, the star did not leave hopes to find true love, the child appeared in a full and loving family.

However, time passes and the relationship is not working.

Rumors about the affair of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was not confirmed / Fotobank / GettyImages.

Lady Gaga is not going to wait for old age and ideal man. Because of a congenital neurological disease to bear a child star can not, however, it intends to adopt a baby or use a surrogate mother.

Soon Gaga may announce the changes in her life publicly.

Леди Гага станет мамой