Lamborghini released the “Offroad package” for supergroover Urus

Компания Lamborghini выпустила "Оффроад-пакет" для суперкроссовера Urus

Lamborghini released the “Offroad package” for your supergroover Urus, which improves the geometrical parameters and better protects the body from damage. The main technical revision of the “Urus” is a retuned air suspension with increased maximum ground clearance of 248 mm (+35 mm for standard models). It is possible to increase the angles of entry and exit barriers to 27.9 and 28.3 degrees, respectively (up 20.3 and 26.8 deg).

In addition, off-road package includes changes in the exterior. The bumper came with a protective insert made of stainless steel and the wheel arches belted pads made of black plastic. The manufacturer believes that this upgrade will help to protect the body from attack by gravel on dirt roads. The theme of the universality of the “Urus” is supported by 21-wheels with all-season tires. Themes ride on the road, supported by special modes of the adaptive chassis, including the Terra (dirt) and Sabia (sand).

In addition, the Urus is more practical from the point of view of transportation of Luggage, because the Luggage got the roof rails. On them the manufacturer recommends to carry Boxing, snowboarding, or perhaps canoe. Another addition is the so – called washer package. Washers the windshield and rear window, as well as LED optics taught to work in a more intensive and effective cleansing regime, but it saves the wiper fluid.

Will there be the opportunity to enjoy the “Offroad package” in Russia, not reported. The starting price of the “Urus” that is 15.9 million.

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