Lamborghini stopped to see the meaning of the Geneva motor show

Lamborghini перестала видеть смысл в Женевском автосалоне

A year ago, mark attended the exhibition, and the March event 2020 intends to skip: the case of the company without going well.

Lamborghini reported sales over the past year, from which it follows that the basic rate for the Urus was made right: his popularity has almost doubled. All around the world Lamborghini has been able to implement 8 205 machines, and it is 43% more than in 2018.

The majority of sales occurred in the U.S., where last year it was bought 2 for 374 cars. In addition, the “Lambo” good buying in China, Hong Kong, UK, Germany, the middle East and in Canada.

Against this background, Lamborghini refused to participate in the nearest European auto show, the March motor show in Geneva (it will be recalled that just recently, a similar statement was made by Audi only in conjunction with the exhibition in new York). The official stated that to show to clients and to journalists of its new models, the company will organize special events.

However, what is it going to create in Sant’agata Bolognese, is not specified. It is reported that all models of the line Lamborghini, sooner or later have to acquire hybrid power plants: it will happen most likely in the change of generations.