Lamborghini with the appearance of a De Tomaso Pantera revealed in motion (VIDEO)

Lamborghini с внешностью De Tomaso Pantera показали в движении (ВИДЕО)

The tuners decided to show the video in motion tuning Lamborghini, which was built on the basis of the Huracan, adding to the vehicle body from lightweight materials and several other features.

Bloggers on the Ares channel Design presented a model Panther ProgettoUno, which were designed in the style of the legendary De Tomaso. The base for the car has become legendary Huracan from Lamborghini brand, and in the video the car decided to demonstrate in motion. Its similarity to the sports car of the 1970-ies the model shows almost everything, but under the hood the master decided to place the V10, with a capacity of 650 HP, with a volume of 6.5 liters.

Paired works “the robot” with two clutches and to the first hundred supercar accelerates in 3.1 seconds. Speed, which can reach the vehicle, limited to 350 km/h. In the future, the tuners are going to revive the whole line of the legendary supercars, including the Ferrari 250 GTO. The series is called Legends Reborn, as presented in the video the car has become the first in the line.

It is worth noting that the masters is already revived earlier Ferrari 412 1980-ies and a few other projects.