Language Ombudsman, a language bill Bogunskogo: Just hopeless document

Языковой омбудсмен о языковом законопроекте Бужанского: Просто бесперспективный документ

Bill No. 2362 “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding learning the state language in educational institutions” by the MP from the “public Servants” Maxim Bogunskogo does not take into account the real situation.

About this representative of Ukraine for the protection of the state language Taras Kremin declared to “the Ukrainian truth” in the interview, which was published on 16 July.

“I do not think that it will be adopted, and not only because he is not even supported by the relevant Committee and the Ministry of education and science as the document has nothing to do with the real situation. He’s just hopeless as a document, because it does not take into account the real situation in the education system,” he said.

The language, the Ombudsman believes that “to abuse the initiatives that are spelled out there, a month before the start of the school year is absolutely absurd, because it entails a split within society, and financial losses for the state budget, and humanitarian escalation within education.”

“I’m for that, education remained out of politics. Moreover, the law to which you are trying to make changes deemed constitutional,” said Flint.

On the question of what he would do if the bill will be supported by the MPs, he replied that he then would respond.

“Maybe the reaction of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, which can not sign him to veto the President can,” explained Flint.

Buzhansky proposes to move from 1 September 2020 1 September 2023, the transfer schools, where teaching is now conducted by the languages of the national minorities into the Ukrainian language of training. The bill, in particular, will relate to Russian-language schools.

The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on issues of humanitarian policy and information on June 23 rejected the bill.

At the meeting of the conciliatory Council of parliamentary factions and groups on 13 July, first Deputy Chairman of the faction “servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko suggested to consider this bill during the current plenary week. Spokesman Dmitry Razumkov supported this proposal; he noted that for the first time not rejected by the relevant Committee, the document is put to a vote in the session hall.

A group of deputies from “public Servants” on July 14 announced in a Facebook statement, which criticized the bill by their colleagues.

July 15 Flint urged parliamentarians to “exercise political wisdom”, not to support and remove from consideration the draft law No. 2362.

It was planned that the document will be considered on July 16 but it was not included in the agenda.

The bill Bogunskogo included in the agenda of Parliament on July 17.

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