Laptops Xiaomi: what is the secret of their popularity

Ноутбуки Xiaomi: в чем секрет их популярности

Looking for an inexpensive but reliable and efficient laptop? Then note the new Xiaomi. They are on the market not so long ago, but has already gained huge popularity. And all because of their features – their production developers on the one hand use the latest technology, and with another – take into account all the requirements of the consumers.

Why equipment of this brand

All laptops Xiaomi have:

  • Robust metal housing. To show its advantages, presenting the first model, the company showed as it repeatedly drove gyrometer. In the end, the laptop remained unharmed. It is now proposed machinery with the case of magnesium-aluminum alloy. It is lighter but equally durable and prevents damage to internal components, even when falling.
  • Tempered glass screen Gorilla Glass. It is resistant to damage and scratches.
  • Power, performance. Even in the budget models (RedmiBook) used a dual-core Intel Core i3 processor. Of course, to run heavy games easily on this laptop not work, but for office or home task that is quite enough. Model Mi Notebook Pro is powered by Intel Core i7 8-th generation (frequency is 3,4 GHz). With unbelievable power they are also energy efficient and economically consume power. Extra bonus – advanced heat sinks. Below are the details of equipment does not overheat, regardless of what conditions and at what environmental temperature it is used, the developers have installed new fans and heat pipes.
  • Directly energy efficiency. All Xiaomi laptops have good battery life. So, most of the models can run up to 10 hours in mixed mode without recharging. Have Mi Notebook Pro and do is compact, high density battery, which allows you to play videos up to 9 hours on a single charge. Besides technology fast charging, which the battery is charged at 50% a little more than half an hour.

Finally, the optimal solutions for different tasks. Thus, the company offers models with different amount of RAM from 4 GB to 16 GB. And in Mi Notebook Pro provides dual-channel mode for maximum processing speed (it increases up to 80% compared to single-channel mode). You can choose the technique with different amount of SSD storage (up to 1024 GB).

Other benefits

There are other useful things from Xiaomi:

  • Increased the distance between the centers of the keys (like PC – 19.5 mm), to prevent the risk of accidental clicks. By the way, the keys themselves are made in the form of a hole with a concave middle to make it easy to work with.
  • In the displays of all models uses a matrix IPS. It provides high quality images with accurate color reproduction.
  • The laptop can be up to 7 ports, which significantly enhances the user experience. It is noteworthy that in one model provides USB connectors of different types, which again allows users to give up their habits.

What to look for when choosing

First of all, decide for what purpose you need a laptop. It will then be easier to understand what is critical and what you can save (performance, RAM or SSD etc.). By the way, in the line of Xiaomi, you can choose a model for business, studies or everyday tasks, as well as a gaming laptop (it will be less Autonomous, but provide superior graphics).

In addition to an important diagonal. The smallest models Xiaomi diagonal of 12.5 inches. They weigh in at 1.07 kg and are usually placed in small backpacks or bags. The technique is quite efficient (cost processor Intel Core i5), though inferior to the characteristics of models with large dimensions. At the same time, its always possible to take along and even work on the street – screen with anti-reflective coating makes the work more comfortable. There are models with a diagonal of 13-14 inches (compact and powerful), 15.6 inch (for any task).