Large-scale fires in the Luhansk region seen from space: satellite photos

Масштабные пожары на Луганщине видно из космоса: фото со спутника

Масштабные пожары на Луганщине видно из космоса: фото со спутника

For almost a week in the Luhansk region wildfire. A terrible fire destroyed dozens of homes and thousands of hectares of forest and claimed the lives of 5 people. The scale of these fires are visible even from space.

In the National control center and tests of space means showed a satellite image of a forest fire in the Luhansk region.

There is also said that the Centre’s experts collected and analyzed satellite imagery for the entire period of fire fighting.

What is known about the fire in the Luhansk region

The fire occurred on 6 July. The fire quickly spread, so to extinguish had to be involved in aviation. The situation is complicated by the fact that the fire was close to the demarcation line. The occupants did not consent to the request for a cease-fire.

July 8, rescuers were able to attract aircraft. This helped to extinguish the fire in the village Smolyaninovo under Severodonetsk.

As of July 10, the open fire in the region anymore, you can only see pockets of smoldering wood.

Monitoring from space

The national control centre and tests of space means conducts regular monitoring of the Ukrainian territory by using satellite images.

In particular, during large-scale forest fires in the spring of 2020 satellite images helped SSES to more effectively monitor and fight the fire.

At this time, satellite imagery is also provided firefighters with detailed information on the nature and location of fires. So it helped faster and more efficiently locate and eliminate the fire.

Irina Policka

Forest fires in Luhansk region
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