Large-scale protests in Romania: on the streets of 100 thousand people, already has affected

Масштабні протести в Румунії: на вулиці вийшли 100 тисяч людей, вже є потерпілі

Protests Romania

People oppose the current government and the ruling party, because they consider them corrupt

Nearly 250 people were wounded in Bucharest during the anti-government protests. The correspondent reports about it “5 channel” Sergey Barbu.

On the streets of the Romanian capital came, according to local media, about 100 thousand protesters. Tens of thousands more protesting in other major cities of the country. People believe the current government and the ruling party is corrupt.

As you know, the political crisis in Romania has continued for several years. It began with the attempt of the authorities to grant Amnesty to those convicted of bribery of officials. Later, the government obtained dismissal of the head of the anti-corruption Directorate.

We will remind, in June of last year deputies of Romania dismissed the government under the leadership of Sorin Grindeanu. The decision was supported by 241 local people’s choice. It was the first in the history of modern Romania case, when the ruling coalition dismissed its own government.