Large wheels – good wheels!

Большие колеса- хорошие колеса!

A huge 30-inch wheels, as on the concept 19_19 in the next decade may appear on the series “Citroens”. According to the chief Executive officer of the French brand Linda Jackson, they will radically change the car’s appearance.

Sobstvennno on wheels. 30-inch wheel and tyre concept developed in collaboration with Goodyear. Bus integrated into the design of the rim, the design of which resembles the teeth of a gear. Wheel fixed, so put on them the logo always remains in a horizontal position, the reinforcing effect of soaring above the road.

As for the car itself, the concept Citroen 19_19 showed in may 2019. In the show-caret designers combined elements of aviation with modern trends of living space organization. For example, the cabin drone is a “floating” between the wheels “living room” installed on the evolutionary version of the suspension with the “progressive hydraulic cushions” (Progressive Hydraulic Cushions), and adaptive control of stiffness.