Larry page and Sergey Brin are moving away from Google control

Ларри Пейдж и Сергей Брин отходят от управления Google

04.12.2019, 14:10

Google founders and executives of its parent holding company will cease to manage the created Empire. But they will save jobs

After almost 20 years of management Google and its parent holding Alphabet Larry page and Sergey Brin resigned. Director Alphabet has appointed the current head of Google Sundar Picha, writes The Verge.

Brin and page remain employees of Alphabet and its Board. However, they will not follow the development of the holding company and its subsidiaries.

In their joint statement, Brin and page said that Google, Google and other companies are well established and work successfully. According to them, it is natural to simplify the management structure and they were not going to hold on to their managerial roles. Alphabet and Google, they believe, will not require two Executive Directors and the President. All of these tasks will fulfill Sundar Pichai.

Pichai, in his letter to employees said that the changes will have minimal impact on the daily work of Google and the structure of the Alphabet. He stressed that he will continue to focus on Google.

Since the formation in 2015 of holding Alphabet Brin and page rarely appeared in public. They also attended annual conference Google I/O.

Holding Alphabet shared Google for several businesses the main search business and a lot of additional products and startups, for example, X lab and Waymo. With momena create Alphabet the value of its shares has doubled as revenue. In the first quarter, the company announced sales of $18.7 billion Fresh reports give a figure of $36.3 billion

What will be doing Brin and page, the financial condition of which collectively is estimated at $100 billion remains a mystery. They have not participated in philanthropy, financed various charities. In his farewell letter they won’t tell you anything except what will communicate regularly with Picem.

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