“Laser” Internet Starlink will be the fastest in the world

The combination of laser communication with multiple ground terminals will make the Internet service Starlink the fastest in the world. No fiber optic connection, nor the current geostationary satellites to compete with him will not succeed. In the basis of the forecast – analysis of the documents submitted to the us regulator.

A week ago SpaceX launched 60 new vehicles Starlink, becoming the owner of the largest groups of near-earth satellites. In the course of this year will be added to the 1400, and by the end of the decade, if you believe Elon musk, this figure will reach several tens of thousands.

Satellite Internet Starlink

This year Starlink satellites must start the distribution of high-speed Internet over the United States. To connect to it, users will need a special terminal equipped with a special antenna, which resembles a UFO. To configure the device is not required – the terminal will return the antenna to the desired angle to the sky.

The service is not yet clear, says Business Insider. Their assumptions about this shared mark Handley, Professor of computer science at University College London. He relied on the documents of the Federal communications Commission of the United States, as well as the statements of Elon musk and Gwynne Shotwell.

How to work the Internet from SpaceX

According to the scientist, most likely, the Starlink satellites will be equipped with lasers for data transmission to the Ground.

This will send the signal much faster than the fiber-optic network. And since the Space X group located at an altitude of just 550 km, the delay will be negligible compared to geostationary devices that rotate at a distance of 36 thousand kilometers from Earth.

On the surface the signal the satellites will make major stations SpaceX and small user terminals. The latter, according to Handley, will not only load and unload data, but also act as critical nodes in the global network. The combination of lasers with multiple terminal repeater network will make SpaceX the fastest and most stable of the existing ones.

Satellite system Starlink will be able to provide the planet the fastest on Earth the Internet.

The more users connect to the network, the more the system will have options for laying out the perfect route of the signal and hence the speed will be higher.

The only obstacle to creating a seamless global network can become the ocean. However, this problem is easily solved by placing the terminals on ships, I’m sure Handley.

By the way, SpaceX decided to meet astronomers, who complain that the satellites will interfere with observations. The company is experiencing an experimental paint, which reduces the reflection effect.

What is Starlink?This project system earth satellites SpaceX for cheap and high-speed Internet. After six launches Starlink is planning to offer services in some parts of the United States and Canada, after a 24-year – worldwide. SpaceX estimates the cost of the project approximately in the range of $ 10 billion. However, due to the Starlink Elon Musk intends to earn money for the development of the SpaceX. The company Elon musk is not the only one who wants to create an Internet in orbit: doing several other private companies.

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