Last chance: what will help Poroshenko to “bypass” Zelensky

Последний шанс: что поможет Порошенко "обойти" Зеленского

In the first round of the presidential elections with a large enough margin to win the comedian Vladimir Zelensky. His opponent, Petro Poroshenko, behind him more than 14%. Experts told, what needs to be done to the incumbent President, to win in this race.

In the first round of elections for Vladimir Zelensky voted 30,22% of Ukrainians, while Petro Poroshenko scored 15,95% of votes. Is there any chance of Peter I have three weeks to convince the majority of citizens of Ukraine to vote for him?

The first Deputy Director of the National Institute for strategic studies Vasily Yablonsky in comments 24 channel said that Petro Poroshenko could the second time to lead the country. Since Zelensky received a little more than 30% of the votes, in fact, only 18-19% of all voters.

According to the expert, Poroshenko has several aspects. The first is to convince the people who voted for other candidates. The second is to try to draw those who do not go to the polls, showing a more decisive action, they want to see. This, above all, the personnel changes, “cutting of hands” – some radical things.

Voters for the most part you want shows. So the main thing is decisive action. And the President is ready for this. He said he had heard people, and now the question is, would he display what he had heard. I think so, because he already stated that he is ready to fight

the expert noted.

Political analyst Dmitry Chupyra in turn, noted that that Petro Poroshenko held a second round can already be considered a positive thing for his team. Because a few months ago in the polls, he lost to Yulia Tymoshenko.

It is important that many Ukrainians didn’t vote, and who knows whom you support these people and whether they will vote in the second round.

According to the expert, the debate can really help Poroshenko. The President’s team began to actively demand their holding when they saw who their opponent is. Yet, from the speeches of Vladimir Zelensky, where he talks about politics not as a comedian, he seems to be quite weak in some serious issues. This may play into the hands of Petro Poroshenko.

But the debate is unlikely to dramatically affect the outcome of the election. Whether the incumbent President “to break” forward, will depend on a number of other issues. In particular, who will seize the voices of the candidates in the second round have not been, and will vote whether (and for whom) those who did not participate in the first round.

Dmitry Chupyra notes that the President ought to work more carefully with the demands of the electorate – both now and before.

Priority for Ukrainians is to fight corruption and win, or at least promotion of Ukraine in the war in the Donbass. However, Poroshenko suggested that he proposed, in fact, without consulting the citizens (we are talking about the creation of ptsu – 24). Decided his staff and it’s just stuck in people’s heads. This was enough to complete the second round, but we don’t know whether this will be enough to win elections,

– said Dmitry Chupyra.

He added that, if the war situation is really difficult, because here is the other side and not everything depends on us, the fight against corruption is exclusively a matter for the Ukrainian authorities and society.

“There is a list of people who, through strange circumstances, still occupy important government posts, although long ago discredited himself. We are talking about Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, the Deputy Chairman of the SBU Paul Demchyn, it is not quite clear with the first Deputy Chairman of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine Sergey Semochko and its personal financial achievements in public office that does not provide such income. Question for defence sector is still not completely closed,” – said the expert, adding that, if so desired, three weeks may be enough to fulfill at least part of the above.

The only way the incumbent will demonstrate to the public that he is ready to political changes and to really hear people.

The head of the Center of counteraction of corruption Vitaly Shabunin earlier in the broadcast channel 24 confirmed the thesis that support for Poroshenko can grow is when the “fly head”. According to him, first of all you need to dismiss the Deputy Chairman of the SBU Paul Demchina and first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine Sergey Semochko. The same fate must wait for Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, Director of SAP nazara Golodnitsky, the head of Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev and his Deputy Yevgeny Grischuk.

In addition, according to him, the need to motivate the constitutional Court to reconsider its decision on illicit enrichment and postpone the idea to recognize unconstitutional the electronic Declaration of officials.

Vitaly Shabunin in the air channel 24: video

When the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine to 2019?The official results of the first round of elections must report until April 10. It is obvious that have to a second round. It will be held on 21 April (Sunday). You can vote from 8:00 to 20:00.

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Последний шанс: что поможет Порошенко "обойти" Зеленского

Последний шанс: что поможет Порошенко "обойти" Зеленского

Последний шанс: что поможет Порошенко "обойти" Зеленского