“Last Moskal” Igor Skripko married to foreigners: details

"Последний москаль" Игорь Скрипко женится на украинке: детали

Russian actor Igor Skripko, who received one of the main roles in the Comedy series “the Last Moskal”, get married. His choice was a Ukrainian Kristina. Name your favorite actor has not been disclosed.

In an interview with Viva Igor Skripko admitted that the girl he met by chance. His bride Christina is the Director of a Ukrainian production company and the owner of two business projects in Moscow. She wrote to Igor Violin in the social networks and wanted to come to the show with his participation. The meeting was crucial.

“We met on the Internet. Christine wrote to me, “Vkontakte” after the premiere of the series “the Last Moskal”, it was a very funny story. She wrote that I loved her mom and she would love to come and see me at the show in Moscow. I told her the date of submission and invited to come. She flew, and the performance on this day was canceled due to illness of another artist. What should I do? We went for a walk and had a great evening. And in the morning was written off, and went together to Breakfast. Then we met in Kiev, when filming the second season of “Moskal”, – said Igor Skripko.

"Последний москаль" Игорь Скрипко женится на украинке: детали

Russian actor Igor Skripko married / Viva

Russian actor admitted that he is not in love with Christina at first sight. Relationship the couple has built for 3 years and now boasts a very strong bond.

Christina and I share a cosmic connection. Our story is not about a mad passion, and relationship wise, warm and very close. It was not love at first sight, and long grinding, which escalated into a very serious proximity. In our history we can sign any day
– said Igor Skripko.

Now the famous lovers do not decided where to organize the ceremony. Igor Skripko acknowledges that his wedding can be carefully planned and very spontaneous.

“We haven’t decided where the wedding will be, because things can happen spontaneously. Of course, we have thought to celebrate in two countries, and maybe even three”, – said Igor Skripko.

"Последний москаль" Игорь Скрипко женится на украинке: детали

The star of “the Last of the Muscovite” have decided to marry / Viva

In addition, the Russian actor admitted that during the filming of “the Last soldier” Ukraine was very close. Participation in the show was a debut for Igor Violin, so it is often called the Ukrainian actor.

“A lot of people in Russia think that Ukrainian, I do artist. And this is to some extent true. Because my big career in the cinema began in Ukraine. I just don’t speak Ukrainian, although I understand it and can get you to say something. colleagues in Russia respect my choice, and I always clearly expressed its position on Ukraine”, – said Igor Skripko.