Last round Klitschko: will be fired if the Cabinet is the current head of the KSCA

Последний раунд Кличко: уволит ли Кабмин нынешнего главу КГГА

Wednesday, August 14, for the current mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko will come “hour H”. The Cabinet at its meeting will consider the question of his dismissal. We will remind, the President’s Office sent a proposal to the government several weeks ago.However, Groisman decided to consider the resignation of the head of the KSCA just now. “News” understood, will this environment last for Klitschko as the capital’s mayor.

Despite the fact that the issue of resignation of the management of the capital not yet resolved, KSCA officials and their assistants had time to pack suitcases. Surrounded by one of the deputies of the Kiev mayor told the “news” that they do not believe that Klitschko will remain at his post.

“We actually just “decisive” to the end. Someone doculive vacation, someone has already found a new job. The problem is that we, with a probability of almost 100%, let go “under the knife”. And grovel and wait to be shown the door not really want to”, – told the “news” surrounded by one of the deputies Klitschko.

The source also added that in the event of the resignation of Klitschko as head of Kyiv city state administration, will be fired all the people close to him: his deputies, including Nicholas Povoroznik, Alexander Spasibki and Vyacheslav Nepop and almost all heads of the municipal enterprises.

“We heard that some heads of the municipal enterprises run on Bank hoping to remain in their posts. But it is unlikely they will succeed because a new team will take down all and to put their people”, – said the interlocutor of “News”.

Such sentiments at the staff of the Kyiv city state administration means one thing: in the confrontation between the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Bogdan and the present head of KGGA Bogdan wins. However last word remains for the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. According to rumors, the Prime Minister, realizing the seriousness of the situation, raised the stakes, trying to get yourself a delicious post in the new team and good result for his party in local elections – the regular or early.

“The Groisman difficult choice. To disagree with the President – further complicate its relations with the President, with the group “Privat” in the Office of the President, with the head of the Office of the President. To agree is to show weakness and that he is willing to concede even without any agreement with him. Despite the fact that Klitschko, in some way dropped from the team Poroshenko and understand that after this decision (the resignation of the head of the KSCA “News”) is likely to be followed by possible early elections to the local councils. In any case, local elections, Klitschko will fight. Rate Groisman in this election is incomprehensible: it is not clear who he will put in Kiev. Maybe a little more likely that the government, fearing the “green wave”, can support this decision”, – said “news” analyst Ruslan Bortnik.

How can “force” Vitali Klitschko to the resignation

Despite the fact that the current mayor is trying to “kick” publicly criticizing the current President and the head of his Office, to force him to resign, there are more than enough reasons. For example, to have a number of criminal cases that the current Kiev mayor as ex-President Petro Poroshenko, went to the state Bureau of investigation for questioning as a job.

“That Klitschko was not kicked, he will arrange a whole stack of criminal cases. Maybe in the Case (Vadim Stolar – developer of Kyiv, whom the media called one of the “owners” of the capital – “News”), because of Mikitaka (Maksym mykytas also featured in the media as the person who handles the capital budget – “to Lead”). There is still a lot of people which really influence the situation in Kiev. Even legally Vitaliy Vladimirovich was a full-fledged master, and public authorities and Executive authorities. Already there are separate proceedings for Gustelev (the General Director of the KP “kievavtodor – “News”) which was engaged in land transport, Braginsky, who was involved in the underground…. I think that’s the way everything will go – excitation of criminal cases. And find what they bring is not the problem, their mass” – says ex – head of KGGA Vladimir Bondarenko.

The person appointed is Klitschko to the post of head of the KSCA

Politicians and experts in one voice say that the new head of the state administration of the capital will be the General Director of holding “1+1 media” Alexander Tkachenko, who is also a matchmaker for the position of head of Humanities and information Committee of the Verkhovna Rada. But the real “owner” of Kiev will be Andrew Vavrish.

Who is Andrew Vavrish

Andrew Vavrish was born 8 February 1979 in Wroclaw, Volyn region. Currently he is the CEO of the development company SAGA Development, which was founded three years ago, after his retirement from the Department of architecture and urban design KSCA. SAGA Development is building. The assets of the company – as much as 16 (!!!) large residential complexes. Some of them are located in Kiev, part of Kiev. When it commissioned LCD only New York Concept House and led Chicago Central House. Andrew Vavrish often associated with the head of the Office of the President, Andrei Bogdan. Together they are moving Zelensky from Bankova to the Ukrainian house. Vavrish worked at KCSA October 2010-August 2015 Deputy head of the Main Department of town planning and architecture of Kyiv city state administration – the chief of the urban cadastre. Most likely, it was during this period he managed to acquire useful contacts, which later enabled his company to become one of the largest builders in the capital. After the appointment of Vitaliy Klitschko for the post of head of the KSCA Vavrish was fired (according to him, he wrote a letter of resignation – “News”). Therefore, the relationship with the current mayor, for obvious reasons, the former official, more than cool. “News” wrote that during the work of Andrew Vavrish in the KSCA was approved by a dubious construction projects, including in the historic part of the city. Management Waurika issued permits to developers associated with Igor Kononenko, Mikhail Brodsky, Victor Cooper and Nestor Shufrych. Fire Vavrish could not even after the revolution of Dignity, because he was always at school or on vacation. Immediately after Waurika dismissed, they are newly formed, the firm has received a construction permit on Rybalsky island and the territory of the plant “Arsenal”. While Vavrish long been in the shadows, at that time, as the main construction stage Kiev were close to Vitali Klitschko Vadim Stolar and Maksym mykytas. But after the victory of Vladimir Zelensky and his good other Andrei Bogdan Vavrish shrugged. In the summer of 2019 started selling apartments in its LCD Washington Concept House, Concept House Philadelphia, Home & Park Comfort House. On stage – O2 Residence, Amsterdam Concept House, SAGA City Space. Construction began even in the “Arsenal”, where Vavrish have not been able to “work out” for four years. One of the projects Waurika, namely Washington Concept House is built on a plot of Laboratory-street, 12 where the creators of the infamous “Elita-center” demolished monuments of history and culture. Local residents instead of square, dreamed of, will get another elite RC – although he is overloading the infrastructure of the area.

That is, that predicted “News” is confirmed. As with Klitschko, when he was just legally the head of the capital, and the real “owner” was the developer Vadim Stolar, and in the case of Alexander Tkachenko, the real “address” of Kiev will Vavrish.

“Klitschko is mayor before the local elections, and Tkachenko may be the head of the KSCA. Well, Kiev never in recent times not rules one. It was always a collective mind, which used the popular the person as a showcase, which has always been a developers, politicians, representatives of the Central government, the presidents of the country. So it was under Yanukovych, Poroshenko, and I think that will not change substantially when Zelensky”, – said political analyst Vadim Karasev.

If the Cabinet to dismiss Klitschko, the capital to avoid early elections. Indeed, the current mayor let him leave the post of head of the KSCA, but will remain mayor of the capital. In this case, for the slaughter of the authorities in Kiev will be life and death.

What are the functions of the mayor

  • Must be carried out not less frequently than once a year an open meeting with citizens, and to provide a report on its activities
  • Appoint a city Council meeting
  • Signs the decisions of the city Council, including those relating to the allocation of land for development, or removing them
  • Suggests the formation of the city budget
  • Appoints Deputy head of the KSCA, however, needs to agree on the Cabinet and the President
  • Appoints and dismisses heads of the municipal enterprises
  • Gets detailed information about the functioning of all enterprises in the capital
  • Has the right to liquidate the enterprises of Kiev, including the state
  • Is the capital abroad
  • On behalf of the city signed the international Treaty.

Is elected by the people of Kiev for 5 years.

What are the functions of the head of Kyiv city state administration

  • Must, before the Cabinet to report annually on the results of their work
  • Administers the city budget, participates in the formation and implementation of the budget
  • Engaged in the sale and privatization of enterprises of the city, sets and collects the rent for the use of property of the capital
  • Is the custodian of all property of the city
  • Manages the work of the business, including small decides where there will be stalls, may cancel the permit is
  • Decides on price changes in the capital: first, the fare increase, the rent or the establishment and abolition of privileges
  • Develops the program of development of the capital
  • His decision to cancel solely by the President.

“I think that if Klitschko will be dismissed, now or under the new government, most likely, that event will become the new head of the KSCA. And further he has a very good chance to win in the mayoral election. If they are early – Klitschko chance in General there. If they are regular, that is, will be held in October next year – it is still the representatives of the team Zelensky, at the same Tkachenko, the chance to defeat all his opponents very good” – said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

Последний раунд Кличко: уволит ли Кабмин нынешнего главу КГГА