“Last run”: the HMO found a new supplier of raw materials

"Последняя попытка запуска": ОПЗ нашел нового поставщика сырья

Odessa port plant will start February 1, the supply of raw materials will provide for the tolling scheme company “Energy equivalent”.

This “UKRINFORM” said the first Deputy General Director of JSC “Odessa port plant” Nikolay Surikov.

“Management port plant signed a contract with the company “Energy equivalent”, which positions itself on the market as a supplier of imported gas for the supply of raw materials to run our company,” he said.

“Now “Energy equivalent” forms the gas reserves for the HMO: it is planned that on January 24 the company will provide payment for the processing of raw materials, and on 25 January nominates gas to operate our plant in February,” said Surikov.

Start units for the production of ammonia and urea is planned for February 1, said the first Deputy Director of the SCR.

According to contractual obligations, the company “Energy equivalent” will provide the plant with raw materials to complete a 4-month production program.

According to media reports, the company “Energy equivalent” ready to transport finished products to Ukrainian consumers, because it has a railway Park.

Later on his page in Facebook shchurikov added that this is the last run of the SCR.

“If this contract will not start possible in the future to restore the production will not. We almost lost qualified personnel and do not have a sufficient number of workers for the full production process,” he concluded.

Co-owners of LLC “Energy equivalent” with a capital Fund of 10 thousand hryvnias in the state specified Valentin Sergeyev, Kiev and Lugansk region Igor Zealous.

Until April 2018, the last place in the founders of the company was held by Vladimir Ilnitsky, which, among other things, is a founder of OOO “Energo GAZ postach”there.

According to media reports, a man with the same name in 2015, was listed among the assistants of people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko.

As reported, the SCR is idle since the end of April this year. The company to resume work tried several times to attract a partner to work on tolling scheme, but so far without success. Last, the company won the competition for the use of the facilities of the HMO, the problems started to create the state property Fund.

The IPF calls work under a tolling agreement the only alternative to the resumption of work in terms of the failure of privatization and accumulated debt for gas to “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, which is more than UAH 1.5 billion.

In late November, first Deputy Director of the HMO Nikolay shchurikov stated that the HMO is “not just in critical condition, and at the point of no return, beyond which there is clearly a way to replenish the scrap yards due to the destruction of the plant”.

"Последняя попытка запуска": ОПЗ нашел нового поставщика сырья