Last week, 100 Cossacks found intestinal infection: in most cases, because of home products

На прошлой неделе у 100 запорожцев нашли кишечные инфекции: в большинстве случаев из-за домашних продуктов

From 27 June to 3 July in the Zaporozhye region has registered 100 cases of acute intestinal infections (AII). While most people have contracted it due to homemade products.

This is referred to in the report of the Zaporozhye regional laboratory center for the 27th week.

In the whole region are laboratory confirmed for 30.5% of the cases of OKA, of which 12.5% – rotavirus infection.

In most cases the infection is transmitted through meat products – on 22%, vegetables and fruit – by 17.1%, fish products – 14.8%, dairy products – by 13.6%. Water transfer factor is 3.2%.

While 73.9% of cases the cause of infection were the products of home manufacture (improper preparation and storage). 12,5% is the products purchased in legalized markets while 13.6% – in the spontaneous markets.

As previously wrote 061, on the basis of “Dnipro Zori” in Kirillovka poisoned 14 people, including 10 children aged 7 to 13 years.All the victims were hospitalized to the infectious Department Yakimovskoye Central district hospital, the condition of patients – mild to moderate severity. All patients were examined bacteriologically on intestinal group of infections, several people on rotavirus infection, 9 persons examined for coronavirus. In fact the mass poisoning of children in Kirillovka on the basis of open criminal proceedings. According to preliminary data, tourists have poisoned with toxic chemicals.