Latvia calls on the Commission to more closely monitor Ukrainian eggs

Латвия призывает Еврокомиссию строже следить за украинскими яйцами

The Ministry of agriculture of Latvia called on the Commission to more closely monitor the Ukrainian manufacturers of eggs to protect Latvian consumers from Salmonella, reports Delfi.

On 8 August, the Minister of agriculture Kaspars Gerhards sent to the EU Commissioner for health and food safety corresponding letter.

According to the Ministry, during the control carried out by the food and veterinary service (PVS) on the border, in a few cases in eggs and egg products of Ukrainian origin were identified the causative agent of a dangerous disease – salmonellosis.

The most important Telegram

As noted by the judge, the EU is a single market, therefore, there must be uniform conditions for all manufacturers, including for countries of the European Union, which signed a trade agreement.

“No matter what country flows of production, the product must meet all quality requirements and especially security. We cannot allow Ukrainian manufacturers of eggs and their products threaten the health of inhabitants of Latvia and other countries”, – says the Minister.

Israel allowed imports of Ukrainian eggs

Previously, the Latvian egg producers appealed to the PWS and other authorities with a request to carefully check to see egg products of Ukrainian origin.

In turn, the company Ovostar Europe for the distribution of products Ovostar Union in the EU and the middle East, appealed to law enforcement agencies in connection with the emergence of Latvian untrue information about low quality products.