Laugh track makes the jokes more funny

Закадровый смех делает шутки более смешными

Even the bearded jokes cause laughter, if they are told to a large audience. When other people laugh, we also begin to smile, as the study showed.

Many of us sometimes annoying laugh that you hear in different kind of show or even a humorous television series. It seems that the creators of these TV shows like to show us where we should laugh, that can be perceived negatively. But a new study has shown that this method gives the same results for which it is designed. And people are smiling and laughing more often, if you can hear me laugh. Even if they presented any bearded anecdotes and old jokes, a long time ago and well known to all.

Observations have shown that laugh increases the positive perception of even low-quality humor that we sometimes see in TV shows and TV series. However, spontaneous laughter is much more effective than pre-planned, as shown by the experiments of scientists from University College London.

The experiment tested the perception of 40 p humorous gags, which on a scale of humor endeared from 1 (absolutely not funny) to 7 (hysterically funny). Participants were asked to self-assess the degree of success of certain jokes as you view them. Part of the joke showed no laugh track, and some with a laugh. All the jokes were performed by professional comedians-standberry. It turned out that in the case with a laugh, the ranking of jokes was noticeably increased.It’s almost not only worked among people with autism.