Launched into space a missile with secret satellites

В космос запустили ракету с секретными спутниками

Wednesday, July 15, and Space forces armed forces of the United States launched into orbit launch vehicle Minotaur-4 with four classified satellites. NASA reported that the launch was carried out in the interests of National control of military space intelligence (NRO).

Start conducted from the Baikonur NASA wallops flight facility, located on the eponymous island off the Atlantic coast of the U.S. state of Virginia, at 09:46 East coast time USA (16:46 Kyiv time).

Mission launch NROL-129 is used for performing tasks of the National management of military space reconnaissance providing intelligence to senior US policy, intelligence community and Department of defense.

About the purpose, orbit, size and other characteristics of secret us satellites within the mission, NROL-129 not reported.

The launch was the first conducted under the management of the newly formed Space forces of the United States from the Baikonur NASA wallops flight facility.

The four-stage launch vehicle Minotaur-4 was developed by Northrop Grumman Corporation on the basis of the decommissioned Intercontinental ballistic missile Peacekeeper. It is able to deliver to low earth orbit with an altitude of 185 km a payload mass of up to 1725 kg.