Launched service to check banks for tolerance to cryptocurrency transactions

Запущен сервис для проверки банков на толерантность к операциям с криптовалютой

Swiss cryptocurrency company Aximetria presented the service AxiCheck that checks the probability of blocking of the banking card when conducting transactions with digital assets.

As reported ForkLog representatives of the company, in service performs statistics on purchases for bitcoin and withdrawals to your MasterCard, Visa and the World at 427 banks from 80 countries.

AxiCheck not require registration or input of personal data:

“To verify the card user should specify the first six digits. This unique BIN of the Issuer, which contains information about the Bank, the country of issue, the payment system and the level of the map”, – told in Aximetria.

After the inspection, the Bank card will be assigned to one of four types:

-“100% cryptocaria”? transaction using the same cards are successful;

“Map is ready to become a crypto”? suitable for crypto operations with a high probability;

“Map ready for the crypt just by 50%”? possible problems with withdrawal;

-“Your map is outdated”? to make cryptocurrency transactions are not recommended.

In addition to the web version of a mobile app available AxiCheck for iOS and Android.