Lavrov said a ban appeal to Russia for help

Лавров рассказал о запрете обращаться к России за помощью

Some Western countries forbid their allies to turn to Russia for help in fighting the coronavirus. This was stated by foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an article for the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

“We have to acknowledge that the pandemic has shown us a number of examples of lack of humanism. This could be attributed to confused in the face of expanding threats,” wrote the diplomat.

According to Lavrov, the true reason for ignoring the principles of humanism associated with “incurable selfishness of some countries and their ruling elites.” In addition, he noted that some countries are trying to lay the responsibility for the spread of infection in China or speculate on the topic of Russian aid to foreign countries.

“Got to… contrary to basic diplomatic norms humiliating prohibitions to appeal to Russia for medical-humanitarian assistance – regardless of how disastrous the situation”, – said the Minister.

Lavrov called such actions of the Western countries the “politicization of humanitarian issues” and stated that “the solidarity of the Euro-Atlantic sample more expensive life and health of tens of thousands of ordinary citizens.”

Earlier it became known that the NATO has refused Russia’s offer to suspend military exercises at the time of the spread of coronavirus. A letter with this initiative in Brussels sent Sergei Lavrov.