Law enforcement officers detained a gang of hired killers in Kiev

Правоохранители задержали банду наемных убийц под Киевом

Police Kiev region managed to detain the killers of the Director Сaparol Paul Slojnogo near Kiev.

Arrested a gang of criminals is also suspected of committing another assassination. This was reported in his Facebook account, the police chief of the region.

Three years ago near Kiev’s body was found Сaparol Director Paul Slojnogo. The dead businessman was found in September 2016 in the cottage town Green Town, the village of Krushinka.

The investigation lasted three years. During this time, the investigators recreated the process of preparation of the crime, its implementation and destroy the evidence.

It turned out that the case is a whole gang of seven people. In January of this year, they committed another crime. Their victim was the head of the advertising Department Kievmedpreparat. The handwriting in both murders was the same.

In the process of arrest by police officers was conducted more than 20 searches for the collection of evidence. It: guns, ammunition, paper and digital documentation. All seven members of the criminal group were detained.

In addition, in Kiev, Kudryavskaya street, 31/33, gang unknown shooting pushed the man into the car and drove away in an unknown direction.