Laws – Scam loans to the IMF – cut paper: Tymoshenko attacked Zelensky

Законы - афера, кредиты МВФ - резанная бумага: Тимошенко набросилась на Зеленского

Yulia Tymoshenko in the program “Freedom of speech with Savik Shuster”. The leader of Batkivshchyna, and lawmaker criticized the government for the law on the land market, and also talked about the pandemic coronavirus.

Tymoshenko in her speech said that the so-called “andikalovsky” law on the banking system destroys the banking space. Zelensky also, according to Tymoshenko asked to open the land market in favor of the IMF, and not for the benefit of Ukrainians. The leader of Batkivshchyna said that Zelensky at the meeting of Verkhovna Rada took off the mask not only physically, but also figuratively dropped the mask, revealing their true motives. She noted that Zelensky and Parliament passed these laws to raise the economy of the country, to build properly the agricultural sector or to develop farming, and in order to once again borrow money from the IMF.

IMF lending Tymoshenko called cut paper, traded on that priceless wealth of the Ukrainians. After that, the leader of Batkivshchyna quoted from the UN document, which refers to the forecast food shortages in a pandemic coronavirus. The UN is concerned that the hunger will become larger due to the closure of most of the companies on the quarantine.

Further, the politician said that now every country is closed and lives in his own narrow world. Manufacturers of medical products and equipment provided themselves, and the rest lined up in a long queue and realized that now, few will someone do something to help. She further stated that we have a rich land, and should follow the path outlined by the UN for Ukraine. The UN has declared a decade of family farms, which are the basis of agriculture. Therefore, the law on land market was adopted contrary to the national interests of Ukraine, violation of the rules and the Constitution, adopted during a quarantine.

After that, Tymoshenko was transferred, who were against the adoption of the law on the land market. As it turned out, 73% of Ukrainians voted against the adoption of such a law were against the farmers. Tymoshenko walked and according to the norms of the adopted law. She thinks for half a year, which the law prohibited to sell public land will do nothing. Farmers can’t buy, as the pandemic will destroy the economies of all countries, at least 2-3 years. Therefore, farmers will not have money and opportunities to acquire land in property. For 1.5 years, farmers will not buy anything, but then opens the market for corporations and large farmers who will quickly buy up all the land. She called this situation a Scam.