Lawyer and estate lawyer in Kiev: main features and differences from a realtor

Юрист и адвокат по недвижимости в Киеве: основные функции и отличия от риелтора

Real estate transactions are always a concern and the buyers and sellers, as each participant could fall into the hands of fraudsters. To be safe, it is best to consult lawyers. Real estate has its own regulatory framework, as well as narrow specialists working in this field. When dealing with houses, apartments, commercial premises, land plots required real estate lawyer who has sufficient knowledge of the legal specifics and practical nuances.

What distinguishes a realtor from the estate lawyer

The estate lawyer must protect his client at the conclusion of the contract of sale. Comprehensively check the legal purity of the transaction, objectively assess the risks, check the documents are signed and offer the best safe option for payment. On the website you can get acquainted with the professional services of a real estate attorney, who will deal with the transaction under the key.

In turn, the realtor is an intermediary in the real estate market. It helps the seller to advertise the sale and to potential buyers picking up real estate options subject to put forward their criteria. He conducts the initial talks between the two parties, negotiating for the viewing of the property. If necessary, he will find a notary, will advise the Bank for a mortgage.

That includes checking the legal purity of real estate

When buying property, there are risks. All buyers are leery of sellers. To further avoid problems, it is necessary to conduct an audit.

What you need to check the documents

Legal support of real estate transactions involves the verification of such documents:

  • about the restrictions for development of land;
  • permission for construction work, certificate of completion and introduction in operation;
  • licensed General contractor;
  • about the technical conditions of communication;
  • of the land;
  • the experts ‘ report construction documents;
  • the contract between the developer and the General contractor, the financial company;
  • the contract to be signed during the transaction.

In addition, it is necessary to check the address of the construction object (building, section, floor, apartment), dates of commissioning and the prices per square meter.

That implies support for the signing of a real estate transaction

The lawyer not only checks all the documents needed for the transaction, but also performs the following functions:

  • provides advice on a current deal, including talks on taxation, settlements between the parties, the assessment of real estate, etc.;
  • recommends specific actions for the implementation of the transaction;
  • pre-checks the draft Treaty, to identify risky items and proposes changes to them;
  • talks between realtors, notaries, managers, etc.;
  • verifies the registration of the property;
  • checks the rights of seller on sale of real estate;
  • proofreads the final version of the contract of sale.

The last phase of the work in buying and selling real estate is a contract between two parties. You must subtract this document and agree on all issues with the seller. Real estate lawyer in Kiev drew attention to all the details, and monitors the payment under the contract. Then the client gets the original contract and all documents that will be needed next to the owners house, apartment or other object.