Lawyer convicted in Russia for 17 years Seitosmanov appeal the verdict

Адвокат осужденного в РФ на 17 лет Сейтосманова обжалует приговор

Protection sentenced to 17 years in correctional colony of strict regime of the Crimean Tatar Enver Seitosmanov will submit an appeal against the sentence. This was reported by lawyer Emil Kurbedinov edition “Crimea.Realities”.

“17 years is an act of intimidation, of course. This year we do a “fruitful” in these crazy time,” said the defender Seitosmanov.

According to him, initially the Crimean activist were charged with “participation in a banned organization”, but at the last stage of the investigation reclassified to the “organization of activities of a terrorist organisation”.

“During the presentation of the final charges simply added a phrase that along with Zeitullaev (defendant in Sevastopol “on Hizb ut-Tahrir” – ed.) they were allegedly the organizers,” – said the lawyer.

According to Kubedinova, during detention Seitosmanov occupants “killed two birds with one stone”: to avenge the fact that in 2015, after the searches of Seitosmanov refused to testify against Ruslan Zeitullaev and justified the title of employees, which engaged in so-called investigation.