Lawyers said the blame for the shutdown of the mine for the debts

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Thursday, February 13, for the debts for electricity to a supplier and operator of distribution is completely de-energized state enterprise “mine management “Yuzhnodonbasskaya # 1”, which would entail the flooding of the SHU “Yuzhnodonbasskaya # 1” and mine “Them. N. With. Surga” which is near. This was announced by the Chairman of the trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets.

Volynets also raised the question of who is responsible for the termination of the enterprise.

In December 2019, the Supreme Court of Ukraine gave a clear explanation in the consideration of similar Affairs between energy companies and the enterprises-debtors. The court ruled that the responsibility for all the consequences due to disconnection from the electricity from-for debts responsible officer of the debtor.

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“The parties to the agreement must respect the principle of reasonableness, fairness and justice. And if the consumer has a debt, this means that it does not comply with the principle of reasonableness, fairness and justice. Time he does not follow these principles, he receives a legitimate warning to shut off. And, accordingly, the consumer will be required to prevent the negative consequences of such suspension,” said the court’s decision.

In turn, the lawyer Rostislav Kravets, partner of the law firm “Kravets and partners”, commented the situation: “the debtor, according to law, do ultimately may result in claims from the recovery of property. Thus, the culprit in such cases may serve the state and local authorities that are not funded in a timely manner, did not compensate for the losses to enterprises and the difference in fees (in the case of state enterprises). For example, if the enterprise-debtor applies to the energy Ministry, officials also will be connected to actions associated with negative consequences as a result of disconnection from electricity”.

The miners say they were in dialogue with the local regional administration, but officials only promise to find a solution.

Recall, February 6, President Vladimir Zelensky visited the city and instructed the Ministry of energy and ecology to solve the problems of miners. Zelensky promised the miners to come on February 25 at the national meeting of miners in Kiev with the concept plan to solve the problems of the coal industry.