“Lazio” and “Roma” is not defined stronger in the Rome Derby

"Лацио" и "Рома" не определили более сильного в римском дерби

In the match of the second round Series And was held on the Roman Derby. Lazio and Roma have not managed to identify the strongest and played out a draw with the score 1: 1.

Lazio Roma 1:1
Goals: Alberto Romero, a 58 – Kolarov, 17 (foams.)

Already at the start of the “wolves” earned a penalty, which was played by veteran Alexander Kolarov. After that, Lazio began to push on the gate PAH Lopez, but failed to hit the gate rivals.

At the break, Alberto Romero still managed to equalize, using a positional error of the “wolves”. After that, Lazio have missed a lot of episodes and played a draw in a match that was supposed to win.

After this draw Lazio scored 4 points and is in second place in Serie A, but most of the matches of the second round will be played later and the eagles can lose position. Roma under the leadership of Paulo Fonseca has not yet won. “Wolves” with two points takes the 11th place.

In the next round, 15 Sep Lazio on the road will meet with Spała, and “Roma” take home “Sassuolo”.