Le Figaro: Mexico removes the quarantine, acting at random

Le Figaro: Мексика снимает карантин, действуя на авось

“I am convinced that we have overcome this pandemic,” announced the President of Mexico, andrés Manuel lópez Obrador, writes Le Figaro.

“On the same day in Mexico city, the mood was much more grim, the article says. Epidemiologist and Vice-Minister of health Hugo Lopez was Gatel, answering questions of journalists, said sharply: “the Epidemic is far from over. Moreover, she currently is at the highest level.”

“Whose speech must listen Mexicans? The President, hurrying to resume their activities, or careful scientist? To date Mexico quite well with pandemic, in particular, due to the very different growth of the disease in different regions, making it possible not to use all the modest capabilities of hospitals in the country at the same time. But the decision of the Federal government about the end of the quarantine in the country caused a lot of concerns because the epidemic is still not shown signs of abating,” says the author of the article Alix hardy.

“In Mexico city and the surrounding area of the hospital is almost full. On Monday, the first day of return to the “new normality” established by the government, the country crossed the mark of 10 thousand deaths due to the coronavirus. On Wednesday, the figure reached 100 thousand confirmed cases. These figures belie the most pessimistic forecasts of the government, which was initially expected to range from 6 thousand to 15 thousand deaths. According to the official scenario that is currently projected to 30 thousand deaths, but alternative models such as the model of mit, which is a landmark in the U.S. by September, predicts 130 thousand deaths from the coronavirus in Mexico,” reads the article.

“The face of the epidemic of the coronavirus, has still not reached the peak that was originally predicted for may, the authorities who have to take into account the imperatives of health and the economic hardships of the population, do not consider it appropriate to postpone the date of the lifting of the quarantine. The pressures in favor of economic recovery after a longer quarantine is more strong than in France or Italy: during a pandemic 12.5 million Mexicans lost their jobs, according to the national statistics Institute, and according to the UN, the country is moving towards the worst economic crisis in its history. The administration trump also supported such efforts to open the Mexican factories on the border with the United States, without which American multinationals are unable to return to producing low cost”, – the journalist notes.

“In the column under the heading “to Act on the environment” published by the daily newspaper Reforma, the former Minister of health Julio Frenk condemned “the lack of transparency from the authorities, who use the opportunity to disseminate information about what their strategy was successful. This message is dangerous to the health of Mexicans during the opening of the country”.

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