Lea seydoux will go on “dance of fools”

Леа Сейду отправится на «Бал дураков»

The girlfriend of the Agent 007 Lea seydoux starred in the film “dance of fools” (Le Bal des Folles). The film will put the French Director Arnaud des Pallières, who previously worked on the films “Michael Koolhaas” and “Orphan”, according to Variety.

The plot lies the real historical events. The action will unfold in 1893, the year during the Paris carnival. It took place in a women’s psychiatric hospital “Salpetriere”, which could contain also politicians, artists and public figures. Seydoux will embody on the screen the image of Fanny, one of the 150 patients, which for good behavior were selected out of 4,500 girls to participate in the celebration. However, Fanny has only one purpose – after dark to find her mother and escape.

The film was the first major project that was announced after the crisis caused by the pandemic. Its production will be engaged in the Paris company Prelude. It is expected that shooting will begin later this year or in early 2021-th.

Леа Сейду отправится на «Бал дураков»