Leading bi-Bi-si has dismissed for a photo of a monkey in the hands of Meghan Markle

Ведущего Би-би-си уволили за фото обезьяны в руках Меган Маркл

Leading bi-Bi-si Danny Baker was sacked for a tweet with a photo of the pair holding hands wearing chimpanzee with the caption “the Royal baby left the hospital”.

The host considers his action “stupid.”

Just got fired from bi-Bi-si 5. – written by a former presenter on BBC Radio 5 Live on Twitter on Thursday.

The post 61-year-old Baker, because of which he lost his job, now removed, but he received quite big resonance.

Baker blamed the fact that he mocks the race of the Duchess of Sussex Megan. The wife of Prince Harry last year became the first ever member of the British Royal dynasty of mixed race.

Tweet “contrary to the values that we as a company are trying to implement,” added broadcasting Corporation.

“Danny is a great host, but a weekly show we have a lead he will no longer be”, – said the representative Bi-bi-si.

On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Megan first showed to the public her first child who was born on Monday 6 may. To call it decided Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Users of Twitter found the post offensive and Baker criticized it, after which he wrote: “Sorry that my kid’s photo in pompous dress caused such a reaction. I even never have occurred [that post can be construed as racist, because my mind is not infected.”

“As soon as helpful people pointed me to the possible shades of meaning that I understood. That’s all that happened,” he wrote.

“A comic picture. Overdressed chimpanzee. I was given to understand. I was horrified. Erased. Apologized”, he added.

Later he wrote that he would post the photos on the background of birth of any other child, including my own. “It’s just a funny image,” he wrote.

“Well, okay. Cheers Archie, I’m sorry” – he wrote later.

Danny Baker was on Radio 5 Live weekly show on the weekend.