Leading Ukrainian drunk and wanted to undress in the woods

Украинскую ведущую напоили и хотели раздеть в лесу

To the leading of the project “Fun in the networks of” Helen-Christine Swan asked for help by a member of the audience of the New channel. After meeting with the fraudsters, the girl could not recover – she not only lost several tens of thousands of hryvnia, broke his arm, but felt disgraced.

What is the point of this Scam? Scammers pretending to be photographers, write in social networks to its victims. As “models,” pick the girls from out of town. At the meeting reported that to the Studio, where were held shooting, something broke. So please go with them into the forest, where plenty of natural light. To deny the newfound models can’t, because I don’t want to go back to his city with nothing.

To bring fraudsters to clean water, Elena-Cristina Swan needed a companion. It was Dasha, an ordinary girl, with your account in social networks where the team “Speculators in networks,” wrote “photographers”, and they agreed to meet. As a friend and a second “model” Dasha took the lead “of Speculators in networks”. Together they tried on the role of the naive non-native girls.

“Speculators were counting on a jackpot. Asked me to take the money for the Studio, and that three thousand in the two models. Even for rental cool clothes, plus another two thousand hryvnia. And two mobile phones. But the main goal is photography. Those that did spoil the girls cognac with clonidine,” explains Elena-Cristina Swan the course of the Scam.

Alcohol scammers offered “models” to relax. They are so relaxed that just lost consciousness. After that, the Scam is completely undressed the girls and made indecent photos.

“These photos they were doing to themselves to pretend to be victims. Fraudsters have submitted all the sauce, though the girl herself was drunk, smashed a camera and wanted to take a picture vulgar. And now they just have to threaten the pics to be compensated for the cost of the camera, which no one broke,” the declassify scheme leading “Scams in networks”.

Of course, the girls were ready to give the swindlers a large sum of money, so they deleted their photos.

Leading the New channel strip failed because she was only pretending to be drunk. And at the critical moment called for help on his team.