Leak: gameplay excerpts from The Last of Us Part II – in one of them show simulator guitar

Утечка: геймплейные отрывки из The Last of Us Part II - в одном из них показывают симулятор игры на гитаре

It seems that after the new transfer of The Last of Us Part II the universe trying to restore balance – first on the PlayStation website by mistake appeared fresh screenshots from the game, and now in the leaked gameplay three passage which informed a wider audience is not presented.

ATTENTION! If you fear the slightest of spoilers, then read on, and especially to watch videos we highly recommend. Nothing very important there, but you have been warned.

The first two videos are of no special interest: one ally tossing from side to side through the empty woods, and the other riding a horse. The author of YouTube-channel with a relevant name covid19, rising to the second fragment, notes that this is footage from a old test version of the fighter, so do not pay attention to the excess corridor, crooked the simulation of snow and other blemishes.

As for the second video, he demonstrates the mechanics of playing the guitar (and half-naked Ellie), not be reduced to a timely button press – the chords you choose for yourself.

Recall that The Last of Us Part II postponed due to logistical difficulties caused by the epidemic of coronavirus, in the first place this applies to the boxed versions of the game. Development almost completed, and the delay, I hope the developers must not be delayed.

Ellie in the woods

Ellie on horseback

Ellie with the guitar.