“Leave grandma alone!”: Sobchak after the divorce thought about his own death

«Оставьте бабулю в покое!»: Собчак после развода задумалась о собственной смерти

In the new episode untitled Ksenia Sobchak was identified, who do not need to put over the coffin.

In the next edition of “Show no titles”, which leads Amiran Sardarov as a special guest visited Ksenia Sobchak. She answered questions that interested the audience, and provocative questions invited co-host, for example, Fame Purulent. The questions concerned the political views of Xenia, its relation with television, as well as creating her own show on Yotube called “Beware Sobchak!”. For example, participants criticized the show Ksenia Sobchak for what the channel lacks rigidity, the secular lady was famous for earlier, and even reminded Xenia of her rivalry with neighbors when phone conversations with Sobchak announced. Then it is very unflattering expressed about children in General-and the kids of the neighbors in particular. Accusations the Board has been able to fend off, and said that each person over time the position may change.

Throughout the program Ksenia Sobchak called themselves older, grandmother, grandma, and even spoke of his own death.

– Wherever I’m going to show everywhere the expert on my life – Rustam. He and the funeral is the first to go. I beg you, at least for the bier.

It thereby gave to understand that her tortured homegrown “espert on Sobchak” Rustam, whose name it is even incorrectly named in the beginning of the show. When the girl asked to find familiar faces in the room, she noted it and called “Rustem”. Apparently “grandma” and the truth a little memory. The atmosphere Yotube Xenia did not hesitate, called “the bottom”, and for appearing reasonable questions again said that she is a person of another generation.

– I’m an old man, so maybe I don’t understand something.

There is a feeling that Ksenia Sobchak their supposedly venerable, age armed as a shield for cover and thus slipped away from uncomfortable questions. Indeed, in some moments of the show, she along with the youth and the yoke kidding famously mats.