Left without eyes and tongue: scientists from Sweden have said that they killed a group of Dyatlov

Осталась без глаз и языка: ученые из Швеции сказали, что убило группу Дятлова

Researchers from Sweden, who followed the footsteps of the group of Dyatlov, who died at the pass in 1959 and came to the conclusion that the cause of the tragedy were the weather conditions.

“The interest in this puzzle for a long time we were tortured and from a scientific point of view and from the point of view of legends and myths. I’m an archaeologist, and in my blood the desire to explore the past in an attempt to understand what happened,” said Holmgren.

“I got into such winds on mount Ararat, it is hard to imagine, if he never experienced it”, he added.

According to scientists from Sweden, many mysteries this story has a natural explanation. We are talking in particular about the injuries on the bodies of the skiers. So the chest of members of the Dyatlov group were subjected after the death of the pressure of snow, therefore, was fragmented, and the fact that one of the participants of the expedition were missing eyes and tongue, explained that she “was lying face in the current stream”, so it is possible that it is a normal decomposition.

“The fact that the body acquired that color, too, can be explained by natural causes, because they lay outdoors,” said Holmgren.