Legendary biathlete having fun at home in quarantine: photo

Successful Italian biathlete Dorothea Wierer actively shares with his fans how to spend their quarantine. To be a good sense of humor, she jokingly signed each photo.

Pandemic coronavirus has completed the biathlon season 2019/20 faster than planned. Biathletes went home and stay at home during the quarantine. My life biathlete Dorothea Wierer shares on instagram. It is time to relax and do things around the apartment.

The athlete noted that the first few days during the quarantine she liked, she rested, but on the sixth day quarantine athlete shared a photo and jokingly signed it.

The sixth day of the quarantine. I get aggressive beside her husband,
– funny signed Dorothea.

Легендарная биатлонистка весело проводит время дома в карантине: фото

Легендарная биатлонистка весело проводит время дома в карантине: фото

Further, the athlete has engaged herself in household Affairs. The athlete has restored order in her closet and did some cleaning up. Dorothea hard managed to get out of bed, so swuu cleaning she started quite late, already seven o’clock in the evening.

Seven o’clock finally, I managed to get out of bed and change out of those pajamas. Cleaning, wrote the athlete.

The season is over, but that doesn’t mean that you should not exercise. Dorothea Wierer showed how sports at home. Sportswoman posted a photo from training on a stationary bike.

One hour and all. Now I can continue my daily routine – eating and sleeping. I am against calories
– funny wrote the actress.

Famous Italian biathlete Dorothea Wierer yet does not exclude the opinion that this season could be the last in her sports career. She will make the final decision in the spring.

Dorothea Wierer was the first biathlete in eighteen years, which managed twice to become the winner of the big Crystal globe. This achievement was possible before only the legendary Swedish biathlete Magdalena Forsberg.

Add that Dorothea Wierer because of his striking results in the season took first place and earned the largest amount of prize money for the season. In the list of best among women’s Dorothea wierer of Italy for the prize ahead of Tiril of Eckhoff from Norway.

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