Legendary computer, the existence of which is not known by the people of the USSR

Легендарний комп'ютер, про існування якого не знали мешканці СРСР

June 5, 1977 the first personal computer Apple II. Preceded this event exhibition West Coast Computer Fair, where, on 16 April, Steve Wozniak and Steve jobs first presented his work, which changed the world of computing.

Contemporaries remembered that the press paid attention to the appearance of Apple II, but it has become one of Naoussa personal computers. Whereas in our country for a long time did not know about the existence of such ultra-modern for that time equipment.

Now aksamlar Apple II kept in the National Museum of American history in Washington. And what was this technical innovation, which functions are performed?

It was the first computer commercially to produce the company “Apple Computer”, it had 4 KB of RAM and 1 MHz processor, suitable for use in offices or schools.

Very quickly this computer gained popularity among ordinary consumers, not just scientists. The secret to his success were, in particular, sound dynamics features the full color image on the monitor and availability to learn. And in 1980 released the game “Mystery House”, which was the first game for Apple II.

Initial retail price of the computer was $ 1298 U.S. dollars, excluding the price of the monitor. It was a considerable sum, in spite of this, the model became the leader of sales.

For comparison, in 1978 the company sold 7,600 computers, and a year later this figure had increased almost five times. In General, in selling the Apple II was before 1990, in that time has produced about 6 million copies, unlike the Apple I, released in limited quantity.

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