Legendary Dutch footballer removed from game FIFA 20: what is known about the scandal

Sometimes famous people do strange things and often they get away with it, but there are things that shouldn’t joke about. The Dutch football star Marco van Basten has ruled out from the game FIFA 20 is quite strange joke.

What happened

Marco van Basten decided to make a joke in a live broadcast on Fox Sports TV, which broadcast the game clubs “Ajax” and “Heracles”, according to Games Radar.

The joke was: the player was congratulated by a judge well-known gesture that was used by the accomplices of Adolf Hitler. The gesture disgusting and amazingly inappropriate.


It is difficult to impose sanctions on the football hero who has retired. But this could make the EA: the company decided to eliminate the card of the player from FIFA 20.

I didn’t want to shock these people, I just wanted to laugh at the fact that Hans is German. Excuse me,
said in his defense, Marco van Basten.

The unacceptable actions of Marco van Basten acknowledged and Fox Sports.

What is known about Marco van Basten?
He 55-year-old athlete is considered a legend of football. Three times he won the “Golden ball” and is included in the list of the hundred best players in the world. During his football career, van Basten played for niderlandskogo Ajax and Italian club AC Milan. Also the player in 2015 – 2016 assistant head coach of the Netherlands, Danny blind. Now Marco van Basten holds the position of technical Director of FIFA.

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