Lena Miro: All driving domestic vehicles – “cattle” that prevent “normal people”

Лена Миро: Все ездящие на отечественном автотранспорте - это «быдло», мешающее поездкам «нормальных людей»

Most popular in Russia remains Lada Granta. Blogger sincerely do not understand why a country with rich natural resources prefer domestic brand.

Lena Miro emphasizes that the second place Lada Vesta, and the third “Korean trap” Kia Rio. She published a post, where he expressed confidence that all driving domestic vehicles – it’s trash.

Blogger believes that if you do not have the money to purchase a decent car, you need to use regular buses (type a Perm – Vologda). Residents of the capital, she mercifully left still underground.

Miro obviously provokes again, believing that domestic vehicles on the roads creates a country full of trash.

In her opinion, “office”, who have enough money only on a car worth up to a million, you begin to feel worthy to suffer in public transport.

That is, they believe that they already have the right. In the end, “dudes” on domestic cars create traffic jams, and simply do not give to live “normal people” who “really need to go.”

Miro finds it unacceptable to keep prices low on the Frets by their poor quality.

“Poor cattle” should have the right to use only regular buses.