Lenovo will release a music smartphones: what do we know

Lenovo будет выпускать музыкальные смартфоны: что об этом известно

The network has information that Lenovo is going to introduce a new brand of mobile devices. According to reports, the new division will be called Lemeng Mobile and will specialize in music smartphones.

However a few years ago from the brand Lemeng Mobile for a number of reasons the company has decided to give up. And now the resource Gizmochina reports that this name may get a second life.

Under the brand name Lemeng Mobile are likely to sell music phones. Such devices will offer improved sound quality and a number of additional functions, designed for music lovers.

However, Lenovo itself the situation has not commented. Therefore, it is likely that the re-launch of the brand Lemeng Mobile is not going to happen.

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