Leontiev loses power

Леонтьев теряет силы

As a celebrity leaves much to be desired.

Valery Leontiev was used to constant pain, which, in General, is typical of people his age. But despite this, cannot accept the fact that you have to leave the scene. Even when such thoughts visit him, he drives them away, and told the “Morning” tarragon and hereditary witch Saone.

An artist who spent his whole life on stage, leaving her only in one case – when I die. A scientist is this: he devoted himself to the audience and, as bad as it is, continues to think about concerts, performances and will do until I can stand on my feet.

Pain the singer did not begin yesterday. The first symptoms he felt a few years ago, but then never gave it much importance, said the fortune teller.

Now most of the time Valery lives in Miami. He was comfortable there. Climate, people, food, atmosphere and of course medical care, when such a need arises, – all goes to the artist.

The star is very supportive of his wife. They have warm relations, which, as ever, will benefit both. Therefore, to talk about the departure of Leontiev yet, assured the Saone.

Леонтьев теряет силы

Леонтьев теряет силы