Lesya Nikityuk boasted to a chance meeting with world celebrity photos

Леся Никитюк похвасталась случайной встречей с мировой знаменитостью: фото

TV presenter Les nikitiuk after the completion of cooperation with the project “heads and tails” continues to travel the world. Every time the network she publishes new photos of their exciting journeys, which amaze the fans of the stars. A few days ago the TV presenter boasted of meeting with British musician Craig David.

According to Lesya Nikityuk, her meeting with the popular artist Craig David, who in December 2018 played loud concert in Kiev, was accidental. The charismatic TV presenter was waiting for my flight at the airport of France is Charles de Gaulle, when the artist sat down next to her in the lounge area.

First, Lesya Nikityuk didn’t know Craig David, but when he was approached by dozens of people to make photos, she also asked for a selfie. The famous Briton did not deny the Ukrainian and willingly talked to her. But to find out the name of the star, Lesya Nikityuk went to the trick. She asked the actor to give a link to your blog to mark it on the photo. So TV presenter and learned that sitting next to Craig David.

Friends, This famous man was Craig David. If the appointment of Bruce Willis, then having a drink. Like this flight… If something Craig David in terminal 2F! And I’m on the football
with humor said Lesya Nikityuk.

In France, the presenter did not stay, and went to Spain. It was there that Lesya Nikityuk, reviewed the training of the football team “Barcelona” which on may 4 will come to the stadium against the famous club Barcelona.

Who is Craig David? Craig Ashley David is a British singer and songwriter. Born on 5 may 1981 in Southampton (England). His father grenades, mother – a Jew. First lessons guitar David gave the father, who himself was fond of music and played in a group Eboney Rockers. As a teenager Craig began to write his own songs, and at age 14 became a DJ on pirate radio and local club. The first notable success – the victory at the national competition with the song “I’m ready”. In 2000 he recorded a solo album “Born To Do It”. The first single from the album, “Fill Me In”, made Craig the youngest British musician, who took first place in the national hit parade. One of his most popular songs as a duet with sting “Rise & Fall” (2003, 2nd place in the UK).